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CUBE is the new 24 Vdc irreversible operator, with built-in control panel and radio receiver, for sectional and up-and-over garage doors. 

This operator is available in two versions, CUBE 7 and CUBE 10, which can manage doors that need a pulling/pushing force respectively of up to 70 kg and up to 100 kg. 

All versions come endowed with the encoder, the current sensor and a LED courtesy light.

The rails are in galvanized steel and are available in different versions. They can manage doors of up to 3,2 m in height.

The rail with belt allows to carry out a quick installations and to have a noisless movement. It also comes complete with an intuitive and efficient release device.

It is possible to release the operator from outside thanks to a dedicated accessory (ACZ9018). 

The power supply to the Cube can vary from 230V to 115 Vac - 50/60 Hz, because the operator comes with a switching circuit that allows great flexibility.

CUBE has a very low power absorption in stand-by and can also operate with back-up batteries.